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Discover Dermalogica’s PRO Microneedling Treatment With PRO Restore
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Microneedling is an extremely popular skin procedure in our Canterbury beauty salon and across the world.  It’s a minimally-invasive procedure that uses ultra-fine needles to make micro-injuries on the skin.  This prompts the skin’s natural healing processes to regenerate the skin revealing a fresher, smoother complexion.  The treatment is loved for it’s ability to target dark spots, visible pores and wrinkles.  

We’re delighted to introduce the next generation of Dermalogica microneedling treatments at our Canterbury salon: Dermalogica PRO Microneedling with PRO Restore.  Contact us on 01227 768418 to find out more and book your appointment.

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Why Choose Dermalogica PRO Microneedling and PRO Restore?

Dermalogica’s PRO Microneedling is safe, virtually painless, and can benefit all skin types. By targeting your skin’s inflammation and repair process, PRO Microneedling stimulates the production of new, healthy-looking skin.  Dermalogica’s unique combination of customized techniques and powerful, professional-grade active ingredients delivers outstanding results. PRO Microneedling helps:

Brighten your complexion

Reduce the appearance of dark spots

Diminish the appearance of lines and wrinkles

Refine the look of pores

Dermalogica worked with Microneedling experts around the world to develop a unique needling technique which has been clinically tested for guaranteed results. All skin therapists offering Dermalogica’s PRO Microneedling service are required to be highly trained by Dermalogica.

Included in the service is Dermalogica’s revolutionary PRO Restore recovery + firming concentrate, designed to reduce downtown after the procedure, reduce the risk of side effects and boost the end results.

PRO Microneedling Offer Canterbury

To celebrate the launch of this new service at our Canterbury salon we are giving 6 lucky clients the chance to try a course of PRO Microneedling treatments with PRO Restore at a reduced price:


Call us now to find out more and book.   This fantastic new service launches on 9th August 2022.

Dermalogica PRO Microneedling Offer Canterbury Beauty Salon