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Safe & Effective Ear Piercing at Blakes Beauty Salon, Canterbury

ear piercing at Blakes Hair & Beauty Salon, CanterburyAt Blakes Hairdressers & Beauty Salon in Canterbury, we use the trusted and widely recognised Caflon ear piercing system which allows us to place your new ear studs with surgical precision.

Our therapists are highly trained to offer ear piercing services to children aged 10+ and adults.  We request that parents or guardians remain present when children are having their ears pierced.

Please note: we only offer piercing of the earlobe, and not any other part of the ear.

Once your ears have been pierced, we recommend you keep the studs in your earlobes for six weeks before trying different earrings We also offer an after-care solution and instructions.

You may experience some minor pain or redness immediately after the piercing.  This is normal and usually settles within 48 hours provided proper after-care is carried out. If undue pain, swelling or redness occurs at any time, seek medical advice before removing the ear-piercing stud.

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Ear Piercing Appointments at Blakes Beauty Salon in Canterbury

Book your ear piercing service at Blakes Hair & Beauty Salon in Canterbury by calling our friendly and professional team on 01227 768418 or book online using the pop up button.