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Stay on top of your make up game and get #BetterBrows with the latest product arrivals from HD Brows at our Canterbury Beauty Salon.  

HD Brows Brow Maximiser at Blakes Canterbury Beauty SalonBrow Maximiser

If you have sparse, patchy or over plucked eyebrows, this is the product for you.  The Brow Maximiser is an eyebrow serum clinically proven to increase brow density by over 60% in just 4 weeks. The formula has ingredients which will visibly improve brow volume and deliver maximum brow growth stimulation.  

The hypoallergenic formula is kind to skin, so it’s safe for use straight after HD Brows treatments. It’s also safe for use on lashes.    Simply apply directly on to clean brows twice a day using the applicator in upward and sideways strokes to reach the root of the hairs.


Brow Re-growth Minimiser at Blakes Canterbury beauty salonRe-Growth Minimiser

If you’re tired of how quickly your brow hairs grow back in between brow shaping appointments, then it’s time to try Re-Growth Minimser!  This innovative product is a hair softening serum that helps to minimise the appearance of fast-growing re-growth in between HD Brows, waxing or threading appointments. 

It contains a blend of natural flavanoid, exotic volcanic water and aloe vera which work to gently diminish the appearance of re-growth. The moisturising and softening benefits are also great if you have coarse, stubborn hairs and want to help make the hair removal process more comfortable.   Apply a thin layer onto clean skin once or twice daily to areas of undesired re-growth. 


Better Brows with Tint Lock Serum from HD Brows at Blakes CanteTint Lock Serum

If you find that eyebrow tint fades quickly on you and you want to keep the fresh brow feeling for longer, try new HD Brows Tint Lock Serum.

The serum uses an invisible, flexible film, that lightly coats the brow hairs to help hold in colour for longer. The powerful cuticle interlock system works alongside the amino acid action to repair, rebuild and strengthen hair structure. It’s ideal if you want to prolong the wear of your tint or have brittle, damaged brow hairs and want to improve the overall health of your brows.   For best results, apply twice daily. Use the flat side of the applicator and dab some product directly onto the brows and comb through using the soft bristles.


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To purchase any of these products simply pop into our Cantebury salon – you can find us easily in Dover Street.   Alternatively, why not call us and book in for an HD Brows treatment?  During July we’ve got a great HD Brows offer which means you can get perfect brows for less!