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Spray Tanning Services at Canterbury Hair & Beauty Salon

fake bake spray tanning, canterbury hair & beauty salon Say goodbye to pale, pasty-looking skin with a spray tan at Blakes Hair & Beauty Salon in Canterbury.

We offer a superb Fake Bake spray tanning service which can help you get a summer glow… even in winter!

Your spray tan will develop over six to eight hours to give you a gorgeous golden tan!



Fake Bake Full Body Spray Tan – £28             Fake Bake Half Body Spray Tan – £17.50

Please note:  We recommend all our clients have a skin test prior to treatment, particularly if you have sensitive skin or have never had a spray tan before.

Get your glow on and book your spray tan at Blakes Beauty Salon in Canterbury by calling our team on 01227 768418 or book online using the pop up button.

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Spray Tanning – Frequently Asked Questions

How do I prepare for my spray tanning service at Blakes Beauty Salon, Canterbury?

  • Wax or shave at least 24 hours prior to application to ensure that your pores are closed to give you a flawless golden tan.
  • Exfoliate before treatment to scrub away dead skin cells and get your body in its best condition for your Fake Bake Spray Tan.
  • Apply an oil-free moisturiser the night before your spray tan treatment to ensure your skin is hydrated, especially after hair removal or exfoliation. Remember to pay attention to stubborn areas such as elbows, knees, hands and ankles.
  • When you come for your tan please ensure you do not wear any make-up, deodorant, perfumes or body oils/lotions as this may react to the tanning agents and may discolour.
  • Wear loose dark clothing, flip flops or sandals.

What should I do on the day of my spray tan?

  • Avoid bath or shower gels that contain oils and try to leave at least 30 minutes between showering and having your spray tan.
  • Ensure that you have removed any deodorant, moisturisers, perfume, make-up and jewellery.
  • Avoid wearing white clothing (or your best underwear) as this will become marked. Your beauty therapist can provide disposable pants if you prefer.

What should I do after my Fake Bake Spray Tan?

  • Wear loose dark clothing and remember your flip flops or sandals.  Avoid wearing a bra as the straps will cause rubbing and mark the tan.
  • Avoid scratching or rubbing your tan to stop smudges or streaking.
  • Avoid excessive exercise as this will cause perspiring and will affect the result of the tan.
  • Do not apply any moisturisers; make up, perfume or deodorants until you have showered (your beauty therapist will explain how long you need to wait for your colour to develop).
  • Depending on which spray tan service you choose, you may need to wait between 6-8 hours before you bathe or shower to allow the spray tan colour to develop properly.  Remember to pat dry – avoiding rubbing.
  • Never exfoliate straight after a spray tan wait for a few days to ensure even fading of your tan.
  • Always remember to use an oil-free moisturiser to keep your skin hydrated. The softer and more hydrated your skin, the longer your tan will last and the better it will look.
  • Avoid sleeping on white or pale coloured sheets as your tan may leave marks.
  • Do not use hair removal creams as they promote exfoliation and shorten the life of your spray tan.
  • Avoid sitting in the bath for long periods, as this will shorten the length of your tan.

How does spray tanning work?

Your beauty therapist will use a low-pressure spraying machine to spray your body with an even colour, which develops over time.   Spray tanning uses an active ingredient called dihydroxyacetone or DHA to enhance the colour of your skin.  DHA is a colourless sugar-based product which interacts with the proteins and amino acids in the outer layer of your skin to turn it a golden-brown colour.  The solution that is sprayed onto your skin is a guide for the technician. The colour will develop over a period of 6-8 hours.  You will then need to shower and this guide colour will wash off and you will be left with your golden tan.

How long will my spray tan last?

The time varies from person to person but generally a tan will last between 5 – 10 days,  dependant on your lifestyle.  Prepare your skin properly before you have your spray tan, using oil free products, and moisturise well after the treatment.  A sunless tan will fade gradually just like a real tan as the top layer of your skin naturally sheds its dead skin cells.

What will happen during my tanning treatment?

Your tan technician will offer you a patch test to check your skin for allergies or sensitivities, followed by a consultation.  You will be asked to undress and be offered disposable underwear and asked to remove any jewellery.Your spray tanning technician will apply a barrier cream to areas that do not need a tan, such as finger nails and toenails.  You will then be asked to stand in a tanning cubicle while a gentle stream of tanning lotion is carefully sprayed onto your face and body.

You can dress immediately after the treatment.

Do I have to remove all my clothes for a spray tan?

No, it is entirely up to you. We can provide disposable underwear or you can go topless or, alternatively, you can wear dark shorts or swimwear.

What shade will my tan be?

Your tanning expert can talk to you about the shades available.  These range from lightly bronzed to darker shades.

Will my spray tan be streaky or orange?

Gone are the days when fake tanning turned you an awful orange colour.  We offer amazing Spray Tanning services in Canterbury to ensure that you get an even golden glow!