Spring Clean Your Hair Care Routine!

Spring clean your hair care routine Canterbury hairdressers

Top Tips From Blakes Canterbury Hairdressers
To Freshen Up Your Hair Tools This Spring

Love it or hate it, at this time of year thoughts turn to spring cleaning.  You may be thinking of pulling out the vacuum cleaner and clearing out your cupboards, but what about your hair tools?  You use them regularly, but they seldom get a look in when it comes to cleaning routines.  So put away your duster, it’s time to show yourself and your hair some love and make sure your hair tools and products are in perfect shape!   Your glossy hair will thank you!

If you’re looking for a new hairstyle or colour for the new season, why not book an appointment at your favourite Canterbury hairdressers by calling 01227 768418.

1. Clear Our Your Expired Hair Products

Paul Mitchell Neuro hair care products for heat protection at Blakes Hairdressers in CanterburyHair care products deteriorate over time, so check the expiry dates on your bottles of shampoo and conditioner and recycle all those that are out of date.  Spray products are less likely to expire but we recommend checking all cream or liquid-based products in tubs and bottles.  This goes for your skincare products too.

Now you know what you need, you can restock with fresh supplies of your favourite products, or why not try something new?  It’s so easy to simply carry on with the same products when perhaps something more up to date would suit your current hair concerns better.  Pop into our Dover Street salon for inspiration we will be happy to advise you.

2. Scrub Up Your Hair Brushes

We recommend clearing hair out of the bristles and washing your hair brushes every week to avoid hair products, not to mention grease and bacteria building up and getting transferred straight back onto your clean hair!   It’s best to use a cleansing shampoo to get the bristles thoroughly clean.

If you use a wooden or paddle brush, check the manufacturer’s guidelines on washing so you don’t damage the wood effect.  


3. Wipe Clean Your Hair Straighteners

You should NEVER submerge electrical stylers including curlers, hair straighteners and curling wands in water, but they still need to be cleaned regularly to get rid of dirt and product build up.  Unplug them first and make sure they are cool then use a damp cloth to clean the styling plates.  Make sure they are dry before you use them again. 

Clean your hairdryer4.  Unblock Your Hairdryer Filter

A blocked hairdryer filter can really affect how your dryer performs, potentially causing overheating and damage to your hair.  Check your manufacturer’s instructions first and make certain your dryer is unplugged before twisting or unclipping the filter, which is usually at the back.  You should not need to force it – be careful not to break it.  Then wipe the filter with a damp cloth to get rid of dirt and dust.  Ensure it is completely dry before reattaching and switching on again. 

5.  Change Up Your Pillowcase 

Make sure you wash and change your pillowcase regularly to avoid transferring grease and bacteria build up onto your hair and skin.  If you are feeling extravagant, why not invest in a silk pillowcase?  Dermatologists say that sleeping on a silky smooth surface will make your skin less prone to wrinkles too, so it’s definitely worth a try! 

Moroccanoil hydrating mask6.  Add A Hair Mask To Your Routine

An easy change that will leave your hair looking glossy and healthy is to incorporate a hair mask into your routine.  Simply apply in the shower, and you could put a shower cap on top.  The warmth and steam will activate the product for even better results.

We recommend trying Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask to deeply condition, nourish and hydrate your locks, all in just 5 – 7 minutes!