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Hair Colour Correction in Canterbury at Blakes Hairdressers

If you’ve dyed your hair at home or elsewhere and it has been a disaster, the hair colour experts at Blakes Hair Salon in Canterbury can help.

All our colour technicians are highly trained, plus we have three Master Colour Experts who are among the best in the UK when it comes to your hair colour.

During your hair colour correction appointment, we will assess the problem and discuss the options available to correct the colour and any damage.  Call the salon on 01227 768418 to book in for your consultation as soon as possible.

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hair colour correction, Blakes Hairdressers, Canterbury, KentHow Can I Fix My Hair Colour Disaster?

We understand the temptation to colour your hair at home, but trust us when we say it is not worth the risk! Whether your hair has become brittle from over-processing or the colour has not turned out as you wanted, rest assured we can fix your hair colour issues.

Help! My Hair Has Turned Green!

It can be difficult to achieve the same colour that you see advertised on the side of a home colour box dye. Blonde hair can turn green or a brassy blonde, while brunettes wanting to lighten their hair often end up with orange hair.  

Patchy, uneven hair colour is another common side effect of at-home hair colour. Hair colouring is a technical skill and an art form, which means it is always best to get your hair coloured professionally. We will assess each section of your hair and treat each area to ensure you end up with a blended, beautiful hair colour (without the patches!)

hair colour correction, blakes hair salon, canterburyMy Home Balayage Hair Dye Did Not Work

Balayage is an intricate bespoke hair colouring technique that is best left to the professionals in our Canterbury hair salon.

We have received specialist training which means we can create the most beautiful balayage and ombre hair colours like the gorgeous colour in this picture.

At-home balayage can sometimes result in a harsh band of colour which can be hard to fix. Instead, balayage should result in graduated, dimensional, natural looking hair colour.

If this is the look you want, book into Blakes Hair & Beauty Salon for one of the best balayage hair colour salons in Kent.  Find out more about our hair colour services here.

Book Your Hair Colour Correction Appointment at Blakes Hair Salon in Canterbury

If you’ve been unlucky enough to have a home hair dye disaster, book your hair colour correction appointment at Blakes Hair Salon in Canterbury today by calling the salon on 01227 768418.