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Introducing Our NEW Brow Lamination Service at Blakes Canterbury Beauty Salon

Brow Lamination at Canterbury Beauty SalonWe are delighted to offer you the very latest trend to hit the brow industry! 

Brow lamination, sometimes known as a Brow Lift and Fluffy Brow, is now available at Blakes Hair & Beauty Salon in Canterbury.

Brow lamination allows us to create many different looks, the most popular of which is the fashionably full Fluffy Brow.  This soft and feathery brow style has a natural look and has been seen on many celebrities as well as fashion magazines and blogs. 

If you prefer, we can also offer a sleeker, smoother brow look with the addition of brow gel.

Please Note: An allergy patch test is required at least 48 hours before your treatment.

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What is brow lamination?

Brow lamination is a relatively new technique.   It creates a uniform, full eyebrow shape and offers the perfect solution for anyone who’s eyebrows lack symmetry.  It’s also helpful if you find your brow hairs follow an uneven growth pattern. 

By using lamination we can realign the brows to give you the shape that you want.  The treatment solves problems with unruly brows, creating volume and length.  The result is healthy looking brows which you can expect to last for up to two months. 

It’s a two step process, involving a solution being applied to the brows initially to make them softer or more malleable.   After this they are brushed into the desired shape and a laminating solution is applied to keep them in place.

How long does a brow lamination treatment take?

The treatment process takes around 45-60 minutes and the results last for 6–8 weeks.  No tattooing is involved and the end result is not permanent.  

What are the benefits of brow lamination?

Brow Lamination Canterbury Beauty SalonBrow lamination offers many benefits.  It will:

–  Add length and volume to your brows

–  Open up the eye area by ‘lifting’ the brow.

–  Eliminate stray hairs on brows that are growing at a difficult angle or don’t have any shape at all.

–  Make your brows look healthier and more youthful.

–  Produce natural looking brows with the perfect shape.

–  Make your brows super easy to style.

– Encourage brow growth by creating a protective coating around the hair using a new protein composition of keratin and silicone.

– Offer a pain free, non-permanent solution to creating the perfect brows.

Will the results of brow lamination look natural? 

Yes!  We will make sure they do.  The result will be a beautiful brow shape you can wake up to every morning.  Just give your brows a little brush when wet and there you have it – perfection.

Is brow lamination suitable for everyone?

This treatment is suitable for anyone who is unhappy with the shape of their brows.  It works well for both thin and thick, unruly brows.

It is ideal for anyone who would like to grow out sparse areas of their brows or improve the shape of their brows.

It’s also a perfect solution for anyone who wants to save precious time with their morning routine.  After lamination your brows will be super easy to style – you will just need to brush them into your preferred shape with a mascara wand.

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Is brow lamination treatment painful?

No it is not.  There are no needles involved and no permanent tattooing.

How much does brow lamination cost?

The treatment will cost £40 and include a wax and tint.

Achieve The Brows Of Your Dreams With Brow Lamination At Blakes Beauty Salon in Canterbury

Are you looking for the best brows service in Canterbury?  We’re expecting this to be a popular treatment, so book your brow lamination at Blakes now!  We offer a FREE, no-obligation consultation if you would like to find out more.   Remember that a patch test is required 48 hours before your lamination treatment, and we will carry this out at your consultation.

Call us on 01227 768418 or you can book online (from 17th May).