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Keratin Treatments at Blakes Hair Salon in Canterbury

You can now say goodbye to dry, dull and frizzy hair for up to five months.

The incredible keratin hair smoothing treatments at Blakes hairdressers in Canterbury deliver excellent results on all hair types.

We use two superb hair smoothing systems to give you straighter, smoother, healthier hair:

– the high-quality Integral Hair Solutions keratin-based hair straightening treatment 

– the formaldehyde-free Cezanne Keratin Smoothing treatment

Book in for a hair straightening consultation by calling our salon on 01227 768418 where we can assess your hair, explain the process, price and the results we can expect to achieve with your hair type and condition.

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Hair Smoothing at Blakes Hairdressers in Canterbury

If your hair is unmanageable and prone to frizz, you will LOVE our keratin treatments.  Sometimes known as a Brazilian Blow Dry, the benefits of hair smoothing and straightening include:

  • Smoother hair which means you save precious time as your hair is much easier to style
  • Keratin treatments restore and repair your hair – they are specially formulated to re-build weak hair
  • Hair straightening treatments lock in your hair colour and create gorgeous shiny hair
  • A keratin treatment will give you smooth, soft, shiny hair for up to 5 months (the results vary, depending on hair type and which hair smoothing treatment you prefer).

Check out this video to see what to expect when you book a Cezanne keratin treatment at our Canterbury salon.