Blonde Hair Trends

All You Need To Know About Going Blonde – Top Tips from Blakes Hair and Beauty Salon in Canterbury

Creating the ultimate blonde colour takes skill, knowledge and confidence so it is always best left in the capable hands of the professionals at Blakes hair and beauty salon in Canterbury.

At our salon, we think of hair colouring as a science and our team of colour experts have wide experience and an encyclopaedic knowledge of the way hair will react to the colour products as well as the techniques needed to produce the best results for all our clients. We promise to always maintain the health and condition of your hair when we colour it, too.

There’s a massive array of blonde shades to choose from and it’s important to us that you have the exact colour you’ve been hoping for, so please book in for a complimentary colour consultation prior to your appointment.

While you’re waiting for your appointment, take a look at this article which answers frequently asked questions about what it really means to go blonde.    

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Will Blonde Hair Suit Me?


There are so many blonde shades to choose from, and of course you can pick any blonde hue you'd like to try. The hair experts at our salon in Canterbury can also advise you on the perfect blonde colour for you, bearing in mind your skin tone and hair colour. Here is a quick guide: Light Skin Tones – Try out golden, strawberry or light blonde colours. Medium Skin Tones – Choose honey or golden shades, beige blonde, and light blondes with warm tones. Dark Skin Tones – Warmer, darker blondes such as caramels and golden blondes will suit you best. If you’ve found a blonde look you love, we’d recommend that you bring in an image of it to show to your stylist so that we can turn your idea into reality.

What Are The Most Popular Blonde Hair Colours?


Some of the most popular blonde styles here at Blakes Salon are balayage and highlights. In terms of colours, silver-grey tones, platinum ice-white blondes and golden blondes are very popular right now. Alternatively, why not try a fashionable rose-gold look or a retro buttery blonde?

What Blonde Hair Techniques Do You Offer?


Highlights, balayage and colour toners are some of our most requested blonde hair techniques, or you could decide, like many of our clients, to go for all over permanent or semi-permanent hair colour. We’ll use high-quality hair colouring products from Wella to help you to achieve the blonde look you’ve been dreaming of whilst maintaining the condition of your hair. We offer a vast range of blonde hair techniques. Talk to your stylist about the look you want and we can then recommend the right techniques to create it. Below are some examples of the hair colour techniques you could ask about…

  • Foiling/ Babylights/ Microlights/ Scatterings
  • Flashlights or Colour Panels
  • All-Over Hair Colour
  • Glossing to Enhance Colour & Shine
  • Ombré, Balayage & Root Stretching
  • Colour Melting
  • Multi-Toning

How Much Will It Cost To Go Blonde?


Prices can differ a lot because going blonde is a process that varies depending on your hair’s current condition, length and the blonde colour you wish to achieve. Book in for your free colour consultation where we can give you a no-obligation quote. You can also check out our price list for all our hair colour pricing options for an idea of how much it will cost.

Can Brunettes Go Blonde?


Yes, they can! It’s worth bearing in mind though that this will take more time and effort to create and maintain. At your hair colour consultation and you can find out about the process, time, colour that will be achieved as well as the price.

Will Going Blonde Ruin The Condition Of My Hair?


At Blakes we will always strive to maintain the health and condition of your hair as you go blonde. We’re able to do this because advances in hair care products mean we can protect and even strengthen your hair during the colouring process. We’d recommend that you try Olaplex as part of your colour treatment. This is a revolutionary treatment designed to give your hair strength, shine and more vibrant colour. Click here to find out more about Olaplex and the other hair conditioning treatments we offer here at Blakes. To maintain the condition of your hair at home, you may like to consider purchasing one of our MoroccanOil products. These products strengthen your hair with natural proteins and omega-3. MoroccanOil is easy to use because it can be added to other treatments or, if used on its own, simply add a few drops to towel-dried hair and then blow dry or dry naturally.

What Are The Benefits Of Having Blonde Hair?


Of course, we appreciate all hair colours here at our salon in Canterbury, but as this article is about blondes, here are just a few reasons you might want to join the blonde brigade! Each shade of blonde has its own unique character. Blondes are a brilliant way to add elements of your personality to your hair, creating looks that range from innocent to sun-kissed beach styles. The transition to blonde from darker hues is exciting because it opens up a whole range of interesting colours to play around with. Temporary tints such as quirky pastel shades or hair chalks show up really well on blonde hair, so you can almost try out a different shade for every mood and outfit. Blonde shades have always been iconic – for decades, film stars from Marilyn Monroe to Cameron Diaz have been showcasing the look. In choosing to go blonde, you too can wield the power to turn heads!

Are There Any Disadvantages To Having Blonde Hair?


If you choose an all-over new hair colour, you’ll need to pay a visit to our salon to have your root regrowth touched up every eight weeks or so. Regrowth with highlights is far less obvious, but to keep your colour looking fabulous, you may want have a T-section to cover-up your roots every eight weeks or so. Balayage is an even lower maintenance look and you may not need to pop into the salon for 2-3 months. If you want to give your colour a boost a bit sooner, we can apply toners and glossing treatments to your hair, although we’d call this a benefit more than a disadvantage - at Blakes, we make it our job to pamper you!

Why Should I Use A Purple Shampoo?


You can prolong the life of your blonde hair colour by using the right hair care products at home. Professional colour-enhancing or colour-safe shampoos and conditioners are a must if you want to stop your blonde shade from looking washed out or brassy. In particular, these shampoos bring out the paler, cooler shades of blonde and eliminate unwanted yellow or brassy tones. We recommend Paul Mitchell violet tinted Platinum Blonde shampoo.

Do You Offer Colour Correction Services?


If you've had a disaster with a home hair dye, there’s no need to panic! We can correct your hair colour and change it back to something you’ll love. Book in as soon as possible for a consultation so we can assess your hair and work on a plan to get it back to it’s healthy self in no time… when we’ve finished, it may even look better than before it was damaged! Find out more about our hair colour correction services here.

How Do I Book In For My New Blonde Hair Colour?


Call our salon on 01277 768 418 or you can use our easy online booking system. Don’t forget that we offer free hair colour consultations and it is also important that you come in for a simple allergy patch test 48 hours prior to any colour appointment.