How To Get The Best Fashion Hair Colours

How To Colour Your Hair Pink, Blue or Silver Grey 

The Best Fashion Hair Colours from Blakes Canterbury Hairdressers 

We’ve all seen the images of celebrities rocking pink, blue or silver grey hair and hardly a day goes by without a fashion hair colour appearing on Instagram … so just how easy is it to transform your hair colour to pink, blue, silver or purple? The experts at Blakes Hair & Beauty Salon in Canterbury give you the lowdown on dying your hair a bright colour.

But first, some words of advice!  Be realistic about the hair colour we can create during your hair appointment time.  Very often the celebs you see with crazy hair colours are wearing wigs or have spent a whole day having their hair transformed, while those Instagram pictures have been filtered to increase the depth and beauty of the colour.  

Book in to your local Blakes hairdressers for a hair colour consultation (and a skin test at least 48 hours prior to your colour appointment.  We will assess your hair, explain what can be achieved, look at the steps we need to take to transform your hair colour, and talk about maintenance and the costs involved.

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How Do I Get Pastel Coloured Hair? Can I Dye My Hair Pink or Purple?

Whether you want pastel pink hair colour or a deep blue or purple hue, it is very likely we will bleach your hair so it is very pale.  We would then add a toner and the hair colour you desire. Your hair colour will need to be even to avoid any oddly coloured patches.  As a top Wella hair salon, the condition of your hair is as important as the colour and style we create. 

Should I Dye My Hair A Bright Colour? 

There are numerous pros to having a bold, bright or pretty pastel hair colour.  These include:

  • Your hair colour will make you stand out in a crowd
  • Brightly coloured hair is a conversation starter
  • Unusual hair colour can boost your confidence
  • You may start taking better care of your hair with regular hair conditioning treatments  

How To Keep Your Fashion Hair Colour Looking Its Best

If you decide to have a fashion hair colour, please be advised that you will need to invest time and money to keep it looking great. This is not a low-maintenance hair colour option

  • Be prepared to have your hair bleached to get the hair colour you want
  • Expect to have your roots touched up every two to three weeks
  • Have regular hair conditioning treatments to inject moisture into your hair
  • Most fashion hair colours will fade so avoid washing your hair too often
  • Steer clear of heated hair styling with hairdryers, styling irons, wands and hot curlers – they can make your colour fade and dry out your hair.