Time For A Bikini Wax?

Find Out What Waxing Service To Ask For At Blakes Beauty Salon In Canterbury 

Whether you’re heading off for some winter sunshine, or just want to stay smooth and sleek, the waxing experts at Blakes Canterbury Beauty Salon are here to help make sure you can step out with confidence!

We are intimate waxing specialists and offer a friendly, discreet and efficient service to put you at your ease.  Waxing is a safe, hygienic and long lasting hair removal method and our experienced team always do their best to keep any discomfort to an absolute minimum.   For intimate areas we use hot wax made with anti-septic tea-tree oil, which helps us to remove shorter and more stubborn hairs.

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When it comes to bikini line waxing there are lots of different styles available.  Here’s a quick guide to help you decide which is best for you! 

Bikini Line Touch Up

By just waxing the bikini line itself, we can keep things looking tidy but natural!  Hair is only removed from outside of where your underwear sits, banishing any annoying hair above your pants or around the top of your thighs.

Full Bikini Line Wax

The Full Bikini Line Wax or Standard Bikini Line Wax is designed to make the top and sides of your pubic hair neater, and it’s another more natural looking option.  There’s no need to feel embarrassed or nervous about your treatment (we’ve seen it all!) but if you do,  you’ll be pleased to hear that you can keep your pants on while you have this treatment done.

Brazilian Wax

hollywood wax Canterbury beauty salonA Brazilian Wax is a popular waxing option and it involves removing nearly all the pubic hair from the area.  That means everything from the top, sides and all the way under and around your backside, leaving just a small, shaped patch of hair at the front of the pubic area.  If you want to be very smooth and virtually hair free, then the Brazilian Wax is a good choice for you.

The shape we leave is completely up to you.  Options include the Bermuda Triangle, which leaves a neat triangle of hair in the middle, but no hair on your labia or round the back.  The Desert Island is another Popular alternative which leaves just a very small triangle of hair on your pubic bone – ideal if you don’t want to go completely bare!

Hollywood Wax

A Hollywood wax will leave you totally bare, with no hair left at all.  You’ll need to be ready to take off your underwear for this treatment, but don’t worry, we’re specialists and it’s nothing we haven’t seen before!  For a smooth and completely hairless look, this is the wax style to choose.

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