What Can I Do With My Hair During Lockdown?

Beware Home Hair Cuts and Colours!  Lockdown Hair Care Advice from Blakes

Do Not Cut Your Hair at Home
Do Not Cut Your Hair at Home!

As the Coronavirus lockdown continues, looking after our health and wellbeing has to be everyone’s top priority.  We need to stay safe and well, look out for our vulnerable neighbours and follow the Government’s advice to try and avoid catching and spreading the virus.

Although it may not be at the top of your list of priorities right now, one way to give yourself a bit of a feel good boost is to spend some time looking after your hair!  We know that lots of our clients are wondering how on earth they can cope with their hair during this extended period of lockdown, so in this article we’ve got some top tips to help you. 

First and foremost, whatever you do, please do NOT cut your own hair!  Your hair is likely to grow about half an inch a month, so just embrace your new longer locks.  Equally important, do NOT try to colour your hair at home.  The results are likely to be fairly disastrous and of course we cannot just pop round to sort it out for you!

Instead we recommend that you use this time as a chance to try out new hairstyles and get your hair looking as healthy as possible.  Take a look at some online videos on how to style your hair or how to do a professional blow dry.  Invest in some professional hair masques – or make your own at home – and apply these every couple of months. If you have coloured hair, use products that are designed for colour treated hair.  

Why Shouldn’t I Colour My Hair At Home?

At Blakes we use professional, top quality hair colour products on your hair.  It is mixed to complement your skin tone and we often use multiple colours to give you a gorgeous multi-dimensional look.  Our hair colour products have high quality pigment and contain conditioning agents to ensure your hair colour lasts and your hair is protected. 

Many box hair dyes are prone to fading and changing colour, with blonde hair turning brassy or green, brunettes becoming orange-tinged, darker hair colours ending up an unattractive purple shade.  Box hair colours can also leave your hair very dry and straw-like. 

These home hair colours are also notoriously difficult to remove from your hair, particularly if you use multiple dyes to try and correct intial problems.  You may end up visiting us for a professional hair colour correction once we are open again – this will take time and can be very expensive to rectify.  

We also cannot stress enough how important it is to do skin allergy patch tests to make sure you are not allergic to any hair colour product.  We always carry out patch tests in our salon as your health and safety is our priority.

So what can you do to brighten up your look…..

Try A Different Hair Parting

This is a very simple way to change up your style.  When you wear your parting in the same place every day, your style can become flat and your roots look darker than they actually are.  Try changing your parting to the other side, or have fun with a zigzag parting.  This works particularly well on highlighted hair – especially if your last visit was for a T-section or half head of highlights – as your natural colour will already have grown through a fair amount on the ‘hidden’ parts of your hair.  

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Buy A Semi-Permanent Glossing Treatment

If you really cannot cope with your roots showing, why not buy a semi-permanent treatment gloss for your hair?  Test it out on a small section of hidden hair first and see how it looks.   This will brighten up your hair and wash out gradually.

Try A Root Concealer

There are quite a few root concealers available on the market.  We’d recommend doing some research to find the best quality temporary concealer that closely matches your hair colour.  Root concealers are usually mineral-based powders that can be brushed onto your roots to temporarily lighten them.  The results usually last until your next hair wash and they tend to give a subtle result, blending in your roots to disguise harsh regrowth lines.

Follow The Trend For Wearing Head Scarves

As we’re going to be in isoloation for a few more weeks yet, use this as a time to get creative with your hairstyle.  There were lots of pretty scarves on the catwalks in the most recent shows, so pull that scarf out from the back of your drawers and try out some styles to keep those roots hidden. 

Blakes Will Soon Have Your Hair Looking Beautiful Again

Once we are back up and running, we will be absolutely delighted to welcome you back into our Canterbury salon.  We are planning some Sunday opening sessions to catch up with all our hair colour clients as soon as possible and we will have your hair looking beautiful once more in true Blakes style! 

Keep following us on our social media platforms and, when the time comes, you can always call us on 01227 768418 or book online using the pop up button to the right of the screen.